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Best Trauma Center In Bhopal | Best Private NABH Hospital In Bhopal |
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Narmada Health Care

We are pioneer in Trauma and Critical Care Services.

Why Narmada Hospital

1st NABH accredited Trauma Centre in Central India and 3rd in INDIA.
1st Trauma Centre having Nursing Excellence Certificate in Central India.
Best Critical care Hospital in Bhopal - National Quality Excellence Awards, 2017 by Praxis Media.
24x7 availability of medical expert team to handle all sorts of emergencies.

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�淢anviya Seva Ishvariya Prarthana"

A dedicated specialist with a� mission to serve the society not only providing cheap and efficient medication, however, embrace the preventive methods and help to make the community aware of preventive measures taken for disease prevention.� Narmada Health Care Group precisely serves this principle, �淧revention is better than Cure",� we believe in and thus enables the citizen by providing them training to live a preventive living and escaping disease and disability, which are affected by environmental factors, disease agents, genetic predisposition, and lifestyle choices. Disease prevention is the grass root approach for building a healthy society which is a prime consideration at NABH accredited Trauma Centre.�

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