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Cranio-maxillofacial surgery is a super-specialty that deals with management of deformity, trauma and pathology of the skull and facial regions.  
At Narmada, this department treats craniofacial deformities like facial asymmetry, protrusion or deficiencies of jaws, cleft lip and palate and aesthetic facial surgical procedures. Soft tissue injuries and craniofacial fractures are treated using state of the art techniques and armamentarium.  

This department also treats pathology including cysts and benign tumors of the skull and facial regions including reconstruction of this vital area to rehabilitate the patient functionally and aesthetically. This unit is one of the few in India incorporating the new revolutionary technique of craniofacial distraction in treating bone deficiencies of the region. Ankyloses
Patients who cannot open their mouth for years due to the fusion of the TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint). This often happens due to injuries sustained to the lower jaw, ear infections, etc. These patients are treated by surgically releasing the ankyloses and reconstructing the joint with rib grafts. Craniosynostosis
Premature fusion of the skull bones can stunt the brain growth leading to mental deficiencies and eye problems. Management of these patients involves surgically repositioning the skull bones to accommodate normal growth of the brain. These surgeries are jointly performed by craniofacial surgeons and neurosurgeons. Fibrous Dysplasia

These are bone deformities mainly affecting bones of the facial region where excess abnormal bone formation takes place causing functional and aesthetic problems. These are treated by removal, reshaping and recontouring of abnormal bone growth. Craniofacial Fractures

Fractures involving the bones of the skull and face are treated by reducing and fixing them using mini- plates and screws. This restores the form and function leading to early rehabilitation of the patient.