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Trauma Services

Our trauma team handles 3,210 trauma patients per year approx. Here our staff works with team of nurses, trauma coordinators and other specialists to direct the responsibility of each patient.

After the trauma team has diagnosed and stabilised a patient's injuries, the patient is admitted to the hospital. If orthopaedic surgery is required, one of our attending physicians will serve as the patient's surgeon. When this happens, the patient is brought to an operating room for repair of his or her injuries. Our attending physician and trauma nurses keep the patient's family regularly informed and involved in decision-making throughout the patient's stay. Patients who are seen, treated and released from our Emergency Department are encouraged to follow up with us in our Outpatient Trauma Clinic.  

In our Outpatient Trauma Clinic, we also see patients with older injuries referred to us for treatment and possible reconstruction. We evaluate each patient, run any necessary tests and develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. If surgery is required, the patient’s procedure is scheduled as soon as possible, based on the severity of his or her symptoms. Scheduling appointments for emergency and post-traumatic consultations at our outpatient clinic is easy.