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Psychiatry and Psychology

Most children and adolescents pass through their different developmental stages without the significant image of teen group problems. However, for some young people, one or more phases of the transition to adulthood can be difficult, even painful. When this occurs, it can lead to behaviours that may disrupt or threaten the child's and family's stability, thus requiring the support of professionals.

The most frequent diagnoses are mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and attention deficit disorders (ADD). Patients are assigned to either the children or adolescent Behavior Modification Program. The emphasis is on providing positive reinforcement in the form of praise, group support and rewards for appropriate behaviours. A confidential consultation with our professional staff of Pediatric Psychologists and Psychiatrist may be helpful if your child has experienced any of the following problems:

  • Experimentation with drugs or alcohol
  • Divorce in the family
  • image of teen Depression¬†
  • A sudden change in friends or activities
  • Family Conflict and arguments
  • Childhood fears and anxiety
  • Low self-esteem or withdrawal from family and friends
  • Sudden gain or loss in weight
  • Irritability and anger
  • Poor school performance or a sudden drop in grades