Diagnostic and Support

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services at Narmada Hospitals provide service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a primary focus that ‘patients come first’, reporting results that help provide answers for physicians and patients. Through the application of leading-edge technology, the laboratory services at Narmada hospitals prides itself on providing rapid turnaround time, affordable inpatient & outpatient testing and superior customer service.

  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Clinical Biochemistry 
  • Coagulation 
  • Hematology 


The consulting staff in the Pathology has expertise in surgical pathology, cytopathology and immunohistochemistry as well as a wide range of subspecialty areas like oncopathology, neuropathology and gynaec pathology to support the consultative practice.

Important features

  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • State- of – the- art Technology 
  • Competitive fees. 

Other features

  • The department is actively involved in infection control activities of the hospital.
  • Complete range of organism identification and susceptibility testing for bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. 
  • Expert consultants in areas of bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology, virology (including HIV and hepatitis viruses), and infectious disease serology.
  • Qualitative and quantitative detection of hepatitis B virus
  • Consolidated Infectious Disease Serology Laboratory (bacterial and viral infections).
  • Immunoassays for the diagnosis of Rota virus antigens in stool.