World Diabetes Day 2018!

Diabetes is a disease that causes concern not only for the patient but for the family too. Caring for this disease calls family support. Raising awareness, educating and ongoing support should be available easily to all individuals and families to manage it better.

The very first initiate is to discover and understand the symptoms of diabetes. One must Know this that Diabetes cannot be cured but can be controlled. In many type 2 diabetics situations, those are obese, can achieve weight reduction, and that normalises its state without the use of drugs. Among adolescent children I out of 11 is suffering from diabetes and irony is they are unaware of it, reports #WHO. Its high time to understand and make others in family and friends & colleagues to know that this is serious and what to look out for.

The typical symptoms of diabetes are ; • Excessive thirst • Excessive hunger • Frequent urination. • Blurred vision • Frequent Urination • Fatigue • Weight loss or gain • Irritability • Slow-healing wounds • Nausea • Skin infections • Darkening of skin in areas of body creases • Breath odour • Numbness in the hands or feet.

Diabetes is a leading cause of Heart Disease, Stroke, Blindness, Kidney Failure, Lower Limb Amputation. The WHO report suggests that one in four family members feel scared or anxious if a family member is diagnosed with diabetes just because of unawareness of how to fight it.

Follow these lifestyle changes, and you can limit Diabetes : Eat healthily. Know your risk and take action accordingly. Stay active, follow an exercise regime. Take prescribed medicines. Always take up regular checkups. Maintain a healthy weight. Avoid tobacco and limit alcohol.

To Manage all types of Diabetes requires daily treatment, regular monitoring, a healthy diet and lifestyle, upgrading knowledge about the disease.

Chronic and progressive is the nature of this disease however, people with diabetes can live longer and healthier if are educated well about it. Managing not only the glucose level but also keeping under control of blood pressure and high cholesterol level prevents complication. Apart from medication, the control of the above-said factor causes an impact. Change of lifestyle, regular activity and proper medication as prescribed can be achieved with the education and awareness of the patient and family members only and prevents.

A normal diet for people with diabetes includes reduced calories food for patients who are overweight, substituting saturated fats with unsaturated fats, avoiding tobacco use, excessive alcohol, eating dietary fibre, and avoiding added sugar.

For people with type one diabetes, a regular supply of insulin is necessary for survival. Regular short and long-acting insulin should be available to everyone which is not a clear scenario.