Narmada Jewan Dayini

Dr Rajesh Sharma passionately works for social cause with a mission "Ek Sankalp Ek Abhiyan Ho Har Chehre Par Muskan". Chairman of Narmada Health Group Dr Rajesh Sharma & Dr Renu Sharma are working in medical care & services since 1992. At Hoshangabad rural & urban area of Narmadapuram Division carrying out social responsibility & helping out financially & socially deprived community “providing care is the moto. An NGO “Narmada Jewan Dayini" was registered and initiated with the mission to fulfill the moto of the foundation on 29th Nov 2008.  

The team of NARMADA JEWAN DAYINI has conducted baseline survey from March to May -2009 to find out a Roadmap of Nodal points for the movement of the mobile health unit. Portable unit was being started in the month of Oct. 2009. NARMADA JEWAN DAYINI initially made 45 nodal points for covering entire District at different locations of every seven blocks of the district  

The mobile unit covers Three Nodal in a Day and visits every nodal point twice in a month.   Narmada Jewan Dayini team comprising of a doctor, two counsellors and one health assistant visiting every nodal point & conduct health checkup, also give some initial treatment in case of minor diseases, in case of significant conditions, they refer to a particular hospital for further treatment.   
In a concise period of 5 years, NJD has become a robust social organisation with 2250 Volunteer member across the Hoshangabad District   These volunteers are working under team coordinators with a focus on:-  

  • Health -Approximately 1 lakh patients have been treated, over 72 mega camps conducted.  
  • Sanitation - 100 villages successfully covered  
  • Education - Motivational and career counseling activity conducted in 110 schools.  
  • Environment - 40,000 plants of fruits and medicinal value implanted.  
  • Women Empowerment - workshops on skill development, resources management, counselling conducted. Paper bag workshop
  • Narmada NirmalGyanSamman. 
  • Narmada ApnaSwachataAbhiyan (N.A.S.A)

As for as another issue is concern Narmada JewanDayini gradually take up the task like alternative resources of energy, advance agriculture in future. Last but not the least, Narmada JewanDayini objective is to make the Hoshangabad District as a Model District and replicate the same activities and program in another district of Madhya Pradesh, but for this objective community participation & government collaboration is required we hope, we will receive the help from Government Departments and Local Resources to full fill our motto.

NARMADA JEWAN DAYINI selected 30 nodal points out of 45 nodal points.  
Initially, mobile unit Daily movement was about 150 K.M and rendered the services by covering 3 nodal points along with adjourning villages. About 100,000 people including male, Female and Children's took benefits and received services related to health & another local issue. Apart from a regular daily movement of mobile unit Narmada JewanDayini Team Conducted 72 mega health check-up camps at the different nodal point and about 500-600 beneficiaries in a field received services from the orthopaedic surgeon, Gynae Surgeon, General surgeon and MD Medicine gives their services to the recipients. District health department also organised family planning program and anaemia checkup camps among in rural population in collaboration with Narmada JewanDayini and provide anaemia check-up kit from government Departments.
Narmada Jewan Dayini carried out the activities on sanitation during June to September in rainy Season every Year. In these activities, NJD team created awareness about sanitation and personal hygiene among the villagers. The team had given the task to village youth group to clean surrounding area of drinking water sources and prepare drainage system with the help of community participation. NJD team distributes insecticides among the villagers for mosquitoes and cleaning dumped water to avoid seasonal ailments.
Narmada Jewan Dayini is helping out and counselled the dropout children’s and their parents and re-enrolled them in the school and about 100 dropped out children were enrolled and continue their education by the efforts of Narmada JewanDayini and his team.  
To inspire and motivate in the field of education, Narmada JewanDayini organised the competition in the name of NirmalGyanSamman from 2012 onwards Ist program was held on 30th Dec. 2012 in this program Narmada JewanDayini Selected Government Higher Secondary School of entire Hoshangabad District and general knowledge written test was held. The student has participated in the program.
Narmada JeewanDayini also provides teachers at three schools at village Gajanpur, Dandiwara and Sosarkheda with the help of Local resources.
Narmada Jewan Dayini team Conducted awareness Program for environment protection, in this culmination 40000 trees were planted in 30 villages. Narmada Jewan Dayini formed village youth group to take responsibilities towards the care of these saplings.
Narmada Jewan Dayini Team motivates rural women and helps them to be independent. Helps them to open bank accounts of their own and spread awareness about health & personal Hygiene. About 1500 women took benefits of our schemes and were benefited after getting involved in income generation activities to support their families.

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