Narmada Jaivik

Narmam Jaivik is a concept which incorporates the various aspect of organic farming. The journey started when we got the 35 acres of land at Ramnagar near Shahganj in Sehore district, based in the roots of Satpura Mountains. We began to clean up the soil and added a lot of “gobar khad” to the land. Under the supervision of a team of experts, we planted the project ORGANIC FARMING. It took almost 3 years of patience to let the area to be used for this kind of farming.  
Now organic agriculture has grown out of the conscious, to be a best possible gift of nature. Since its beginning, the sphere surrounding organic agriculture has become considerably more complicated. During the last two decades, There has also been a significant sensitisation of the global community towards environmental preservation and assuring of food quality. Ardent promoters of organic farming consider that it can become the mean for the complete development of rural areas.  

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