Rather than more of a trend, social status or as part of style living, nowadays regularly gyming is the demand of a Healthy Life. Especially with the changing live style, increase in stress levels, working environment and change in climatic condition, working out and taking up exercising schedule to lead a healthy life is a must. In the vicinity of lush green surrounding and peaceful environment though in the heart of prime commercial location is situated, the Narmada Gymnasium. Whether you need help getting off the couch to begin an exercise routine or, you've been working out for years and wanted to ramp it up? We have reports, videos, tools, illustrations, instructors, resources and much more to offer, that may help move you closer to achieving your exercising and fitness goals.

Fitness Facts:

Regular exercise can help you live longer as it raises immunity and thus reduces your risks for a host of diseases which are more prone to change in climatic condition which was never before seen. The Reports from Recent Research shows:

  • Leading an active lifestyle reduces the risk of premature death, even when genetic disorders are taken into account (Journal of the American Medical Association).
  • Working out to improve on fitness level appears to help people live longer following a heart attack (The National Exercise and Heart Disease Project).
  • Living a physical activity lifestyle, such as taking the stairs, gardening and walking instead of driving, is as effective as structured gym workouts in improving fitness (Journal of the American Medical Association).
  • Even infrequent exercise helps postmenopausal women live longer (Journal of the American Medical Association).
Narmada Gyming facility focuses on providing latest techniques and style of exercising while offering parallel traditional exercising methods like Yoga and Sadhna to harness the maximum effect in fitness development.
At Narmada gym, we offer facilities to get fit, burn fat and for weight loss are Zumba, aerobics, pilates, core firming training, yoga, muscle sculpting, and High-Intensity Interval Trainings( HIIT).
In advanced Yoga training, we offer, integrates principles and streamlines practices from bhakti yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, mantra yoga, kriya yoga kundalini yoga much more is there on the platter.
If you are committed towards healthy living and want to opt for an active lifestyle Narmada can help you.

Timing Morning : 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Evening Timing : 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM