In the hospitals of Narmada Health Group "Saving Lives" is core to our existence. We believe in making quality tertiary healthcare services accessible and equitable to all. Narmada Health Group is driven by a dedicated and well-trained team of more than 750 associates, which includes physicians, surgeons, paramedical & administrative staff whose core values are based on ideas of providing healthcare with compassion. Our commitment towards ethical practices & excellence in the healthcare services has ensured that best healthcare at an affordable price is provided to those who are in need of. Narmada's humble origin from a 6-bed rural healthcare facility keeps our team's perspective focused on the needs of real India.

Narmada Health Group

Narmada Health Group founded by Dr Rajesh Sharma, a well known orthopaedic trauma care surgeon who has a vast experience of working in both rural and urban settings.

Narmada Hospital, Hoshangabad

In 1993 when we started the first Narmada Hospital in the town ofHoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh we introduced C-arm in a rural setting when this was still an unknown technology in the operation theatres of hospitals in urban Madhya Pradesh.

Narmada Trauma Centre, Bhopal

Narmada Trauma Centre an NABH accredited entity i.e. mark of quality and safety, was started in March 2006 at Bhopal with a vision to provide Advance Trauma and Life support care to victims of accidents and other trauma injuries. Till date, it has treated & saved lives of more than over 45000 Accident/Trauma victims. Our experience & clinical outcomes in Emergency Medicine & Critical care, as well as Poly Trauma Management, are unmatched by any other Hospital in Bhopal.

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Vision Narmada for Positive Health

The Narmada for positive Health started in 2007 in Bhopal. A concept, introduced in the city of lakes,"Bhopal", with the vision of an integrative approach with alternative therapies and holistic methods help to keep us in positive health. It creates an entirely new concept in health based on several parameters relating to our present state of body, mind & spirit. The best enjoyment in the world is in life, not in objects of the world. Narmada Vision for Positive Health is here to offer you MODULAR HEALTH CAPSULE for your well being, Based on examination and evaluation procedures. We also define your body type based on the principle of AYURVEDA, i.e., Vatta Type, Pitta Type &Kapha Type.

Narmada Jewan Dayini (NGO)

To accelerate the social work practice at the personal level to touch the ground reality to serve the humanity a non-government funded NGO - Narmada JewanDayini has been launched in the year 2008. Volunteers are working with team coordinators with a focus on Health, Sanitation, Education, Environment, and Women Empowerment.

Narmada Nirmal Niketan, Bhopal

Narmada Nirmal Niketan was started on Feb 2014, with a vision to provide "Recurrence With Recuperation". A home away from home, Narmada Nirmal Niketan is a home for those who need rehabilitation. It is not merely a rehabilitation centre but a complete care centre, giving perfect health to the mentally, physically and socially deprived patients.

Women Wellness World, Bhopal

Women Wellness World started in 2014 in Bhopal. Our Honorable Managing Director Dr Renu Sharma, a well known Critical Care Specialist, creating benchmark as a "Women entrepreneurship", and founded WOMEN WELLNESS WORLD, "Assuring Perfect Health For Women."

Narmada Kutir Udyog, Bhopal

Narmada Kutir Udyog started in 2014 at Bhopal. Our Honorable Managing Director Dr Renu Sharma, an excellent "Women entrepreneur", founded Narmada Kutir Udhyog to empower women, to give a smile on the faces of such women, who otherwise have no respectable position in the society, as they are sufferers from the social aspects of culture.

Narmada Apna Hospital, Hoshangabad

Narmada Apna Hospital started in 2014 at Hoshangabad. People of Hoshangabad have to run to Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, or Nagpur for getting the treatment, for critical ailments. Poor life has to struggle for its existence to reach the place, which sometimes gets lost in the way only, or sometimes many couldn’t afford to travel for treatment. To fulfil the dream of people of Hoshangabad and to provide them with the quality healthcare facility, this venture initiated.

Narmada Institute Of Nursing Science, Hoshangabad

Narmada Institute Of Nursing Science started in 2014 at Hoshangabad. Nurses are the backbone of any quality healthcare provider. Our Honorable Chairman, Dr Rajesh Sharma created innovation in nursing and delivery of health care by building a Strong Education System. We value Professionalism and dedication in the field of Education.